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Lights, Camera, Acting, offers incredibly FUN acting, improv, and musical theater classes for all ages. Enter our studio and learn important life skills like vocal projection, self-confidence, and teamwork. Together, we’ll become our happiest selves while reaching our potential onstage and off!

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LCA offers weekly classes for ages Pre-K to 12th grade. Each class session covers a different genre of theater and we’re always offering fresh, new programming. Learn more about what we have in store for each age group

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Confidence. Creativity. Collaboration.

Why enroll? Because skills for theater are the same skills we need for a successful life! Incorporating acting, public speaking, and creative movement, LCA teaches students to speak clearly and confidently, to be part of a team, and to use the voice and body to express ideas. LCA’s unique drama activities can help a shy student become the first to say hello, to feel more at ease and empowered. The restless student is suddenly focused, moving in new ways and having fun!

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  Our Age-Appropriate Approach to Theater

Our littlest actors are introduced to theater vocabulary as they become comfortable on the stage. They play basic theater games that teach them how to speak loudly, move fluidly onstage, and become different characters. They will express their individuality in our dress-up room, play core theater games and forge great bonds of friendship.


 These actors begin to expand their theater knowledge and reach new levels of creativity while memorizing lines and developing characters. They play theater games that ignite their imagination, welcome self-acceptance, and increase overall confidence. Students are empowered to share their ideas onstage through playing more challenging theater games that inspire a “think on your feet” attitude.  We encourage students to take healthy risks in our welcoming and non-threatening environment. 

In our teen program, students continue to advance their theater comprehension, add new exercises and games to their repertoire, and connect with like-minded peers.  We encourage our teen actors to expand their acting and improv skills while we guide them on their creative journey.

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“My daughter has been attending classes at LCA for five years. During this time, her love of theater has been solidified and her ability to communicate with others, not just on the stage, has improved dramatically. She has met the most amazing friends and looks forward to acting class each week more than anything else. The LCA teachers have an astounding talent to bring out the best in each child of any age and I’ve personally witnessed growth in self-confidence in all the kids over the course of each session.” —Monica D.

“Our family has been involved with LCA since it first opened back in 2009. As my daughter gets ready to graduate from high school, and I reflect back on her years 10 years at LCA…I can honestly say it has changed her life. Not only has the acting instruction been stellar all along but more importantly the love and care she has received from the entire staff will stay with her forever. They have helped my daughter go from a shy, timid child to a confident and kind young adult that is ready to face the world ahead.” —Caroline O.

“Eight years ago, a new activity gave birth to the discovery of a true passion. Our daughter has learned more than acting and improv from the LCA teachers. In many ways, they have become role models and mentors. Positivity, creativity and kindness are three things you can expect from the LCA team along with great energy and a passion for making your child the best version of themselves. Thank you to the LCA team for helping our daughter to shine!” —Kate C.

Learning Through Performance

In our classes, we will definitely discuss and learn theatre skills, but getting a part in a soap opera or on a commercial is not the primary objective. The purpose of taking part in this program is to have an experience with theatre that teaches us about ourselves and all of the things that we can accomplish. Throughout the year, we offer many different programs that will appeal to children and adults with lots of different interests. Not everyone that takes part in this program will want to become a professional actor. In fact, most won’t. We’re not here to create the next Meryl Streep or Tom Hanks, we’re just here to have FUN!

Film Classes

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To honor the life of our beloved long time student, Madeleine Irene Antunes, we lovingly present Maddie’s Sunshine Scholarship Fund. Learn more →


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