Theater Fun For Everyone!

Our programs let theater teach us about ourselves and the things that we
can accomplish. Lights, Camera, Acting! may not create the next movie star,
but we will unleash your imagination and help you find your funny bone!

Our founder and Executive Director Aviva Meyrowitz imagined creating a fun and accepting environment for others. Lights, Camera, Acting is the fulfillment of her dream to help people be the best they can be!

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Confidence. Creativity. Collaboration.

Why enroll? Because skills for theater are the same skills we need for a successful life! Incorporating acting, public speaking,and creative movement, LCA teaches students to speak clearly and confidently, to be part of a team,and to use the voice and body to express ideas. LCA’s unique drama activities can help a shy student become the first to say hello, to feel more at ease and empowered. The restless student is suddenly focused, moving in new ways and having fun!


Aviva Meyrowitz and Amanda Mitnik